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Labor Day in Mom Terms

August 30th, 2017 • Posted by Ally Osborne • Permalink

Summer is almost over, kids are back in school, and autumn is on its way. Luckily we still have one more bash: the end of summer celebration, Labor Day. So Let’s Celebrate!!!

Except, you just went through your "Labor" Day and have a beautiful new baby in your family, yet somehow, you feel like doing anything but celebrating!

Why am I so tired? Why am I so sore? Why do I not know what my baby wants? Why do I feel like I’m not doing any of this right? Why didn’t anyone tell me it was going to be this hard?!?!

If this is how you are feeling, know you are normal! Yea, I said normal!! I know it doesn’t feel normal when you’re in the middle of the crazy first few weeks of your baby’s life, but it is truly normal, and it will get easier!

Most new mothers go through a period of “baby blues” for a few weeks postpartum from the hormonal changes after birth and the sleep deprivation, but we often don’t talk about it enough. Too often, people talk about how lucky you are to have a beautiful healthy baby, but they don’t talk about how overwhelming that beautiful bundle is.

How they need you 24/7 with seemingly no breaks...

How just after you’ve finally gotten your baby fed and back to sleep, and you are settling into your bed with eyes half closed, you baby wakes you to feed again...

How, if you are nursing, your nipples or breasts are sore or in pain...

How your baby never seems to get full and stay full for very long...

You don’t get to pee when you want, you don’t get to eat when you want, you can’t seem to get anything else done but take care of the baby, and forget a shower everyday anymore….new mothers rarely get that luxury!

In the early days postpartum, I think most of us think something is wrong with us when we have negative feelings about having a baby and becoming a parent. Everyone tells us how wonderful babies are, and how they are so cute (and luckily, they are ;). But we don’t talk enough about how difficult the transition into parenthood is, and I think we need to talk about it more and more so that new parents don’t feel so alone. I’m here to tell you that if you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, exhausted, scared, angry, or like you just can’t do this anymore, you need to know that almost every new parent out there goes through these exact same emotions in the first few weeks after baby arrives. Having a new baby to take care of is truly one of the most difficult things that humans do. Most new parents say that if the terrible (above) stays at about the same level as the wonderful (most beautiful baby on the planet…I love him/her so much), then you’re probably doing very well, even when you feel like you’re out of your league.

There is hope as well! First, know that the first couple of months are always the hardest, so it truly does get easier. Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is there, you just can’t see it yet! (However, True Postpartum Depression is a hormonal imbalance. So if you are starting to feel worse and worse around 4-6 wks postpartum instead of slowly getting better and better, please call for help sooner than later!). Second, there are lots of great resources out in the community for the entire family that can help make this transition a lot easier and much smoother!

Feeding the baby after he or she is here is usually the first big struggle, and often confusing! Breast? Bottle? Both? Which is harder? Which will my baby like? Which will I like? Will it work out the way I hope? What’s normal and what’s not normal? (Augh! What am I supposed to do?!?) Wendy McHale of Nurturing Lactation can answer all of those questions and help give new families the latest, research based information and support to transition them to their feeding goals. Wendy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and does in-home consultations all across the greater Cincinnati area, as well as phone consultations, and teaching breastfeeding classes. Helping new mothers and babies in their own home can be extremely beneficial as it’s the environment they will be in for everyday life. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, transitioning between the two, nipple pain, breast pain, milk supply issues, and latch issues are just some of the many areas with which Wendy can help. Call, text or email for more information or to schedule an appointment. 513-295-4101,,

Another aspect of feeding, for the many breastfeeding mothers out there, includes pumping their milk when they have to be away from their babies, or pumping milk to maintain the milk supply if baby is struggling with nursing in the early days after labor and birth. At Mommy Xpress, all they do is Breast Pumps! Their goal is simple…get you a FREE breast pump and ship it directly to your home at no cost! Mommy Xpress is part of Pediatric Products, LLC, a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have been servicing the Tri-State area for more than 10 years. They are the Region’s largest and most experienced Breast Pump Provider. You can choose from a vast selection of Insurance-covered Breast Pumps. By being “in-network” with nearly all insurance plans, you are virtually assured of getting a Pump FREE OF CHARGE. Fill out the “Confirm Your Eligibility” page on our website or call to get started or 844.641.2255. The process is very simple and they do all the work for you. They verify your insurance coverage, help acquire a prescription from your Doctor, assist you with selecting a Pump, and then ship directly to your home at no charge. It couldn’t be easier! They have over 15 models and configurations to choose from. You may choose the free pump or upgrade to a pump that better matches your needs.

After that wonderful "Labor" Day that brought your beautiful baby to you, many mothers are surprised how much time and caring their own bodies need. Postpartum massage can be just as beneficial as massage during pregnancy. At Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, our therapists are certified in safe and effective postpartum massage techniques that can greatly improve the transition into motherhood both emotionally and physically. As a mom’s body re-acclimates post-birth there can often be lingering pain from misalignments or tension in mom’s hips, ribs, etc., not to mention more neck and shoulder pain from holding, feeding, and otherwise gazing down at that gorgeous new babe. Massage can help relax and ease all of these stresses on the body. Sleep is usually (sigh) scarce after the baby is here, and massage can increase your delta brain waves (present during sleep) so you may even catch a nap during your therapy. Postpartum a mother’s body is going through many hormonal changes, which can even lead to anxiety and depression (baby blues or postpartum depression). A well trained massage therapist can use reflexology and other techniques to improve the hormonal balance, reduce cortisol levels and possibly increase prolactin levels. They offer postpartum massage services as early as your provider allows, but most moms will come in 2 weeks after a vaginally delivery and 6 weeks after a cesarean delivery. A trained massage therapist will be able to individually position mom for maximum comfort during these sessions no matter how she delivered. From neck and shoulder pain caused by holding and feeding baby to hormonal imbalances, a massage could be just the thing mom needs to feel like herself again. Call Becoming Mom Spa & Ultrasound at (513) 770-6730 schedule an appointment in their Deerfield Township office or check out their packages online at

Then we get to the very sensitive topic of the often elusive SLEEP after the baby arrives. Very few of us live in large family clans these days, so there’s often not enough sets of arms to hold the baby so the new mother can get just a few more minutes of sleep before the next feeding. So how are new parents supposed to cope when newborns don’t have nights and days?!? Mommy’s Dream Team can bridge that gap and help the entire family get more sleep! By setting up a postpartum package during pregnancy, their nannies can help you with all the nighttime transitions that arrive with the bundle of joy. Their Newborn Night Specialists help by getting the infants on an individualized nightly routine and allow parents to relax knowing their new bundle of joy is being loved and soothed to sleep. For parents who are back to work, our teams work together internally to meet the infant(s) and/or children’s needs via instant communication boards. This Mommy’s Dream Team culture, created from within, by and for women and mothers, provides a solid and influential community around those who choose to be a part of it. If you have any questions please give them a call at (866) 638-0928 or email at and they will do their best to help.

This Labor Day, all of us want to help you celebrate by offering special discounts to the families that give birth on the official Labor Day! So, to all the families whose babies are born September 4, 2017 we would like to offer the following:

  • $25 off a package-Mommy’s Dream Team
  • 10% off an in-home or phone lactation consultation-Nurturing Lactation, LLC
  • $20 off a postpartum massage-Becoming Mom Spa & Ultrasound
  • $10 off a pump upgrade (above the insurance amount)-Mommy’s Express

To receive these discounts, please provide documentation from your OBGYN or delivering hospital or birthing center, then let us take care of the rest!


From all of us at Becoming Mom and The TriState Mom's Team, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

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