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I went to my 20 week ultrasound for my doctor and came out disappointed and in tears when the tech wouldn't look for the gender of my baby. My mom called becoming mom and made an appointment for me for the Gender reval plus package. I came out with the biggest smile ever! They completely turned my day around! Not only did she find out the gender for me but she was extremely friendly and made my appointment enjoyable. I am so thankful my mom did this for me and would recommend becoming mom to everyone that is expecting! I look forward to returning!

(Kerri H., 966 days ago)

Love this company!

(Kyle R., 998 days ago)

Absolutely love this place! I came in for a 3d/4d/HD ultrasound at 28 weeks and my poor baby was being so stubborn so we had to come back a couple of times. They did their best to get the best view of her and do what they could to make me happy. I will definitely be going back to them in the future, the pictures and DVD we got of our ultrasound was absolutely amazing! I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know having a baby!

(Sarah I., 1,073 days ago)

I absolutely love this place! The ultrasound tech is so nice and if you receive any spa service it's well worth the cost. The staff all around are great people.

(Anonymous, 1,107 days ago)

I came in at 34 weeks for 3d hd ultrasound pictures. Our baby was stubborn and he wouldn't move his hands from his face but our tech was just as stubborn at trying. We played some music after 15 min and he finally cooperated! She was a delight and we had great fun! When our baby was born he looked EXACTLY like the 3d and hd pictures!!!!

(Heather K., 1,136 days ago)

We took my niece for the gender reveal ultrasound at 16 1/2 weeks for a surprise for her birthday and it was a great experience. We have return appointments for 27 1/2 weeks and 32 1/2 weeks.

(Melisha B., 1,193 days ago)

My husband and I came in for an early gender reveal at 16 1/2 weeks because he was leaving for the army. They got us in super fast. Everyone was so nice. My parents, my little sister, my son , my husband,and I all got to be there. It was a beautiful experience for us all. The Tech was amazing and so nice. She got so many great shots and was able to tell us we were having a little girl. She was correct. We welcomed a beautiful little in July. :)

(Ashley C., 1,197 days ago)

I came in 2009 for my first daughter and again in 2010 for my 2nd...both experiences, we felt, were outstanding! Eith our 2nd, a day or two after, we received a call from the Spa. We were told THEY weren't satisfied with how clear the ultrasound was, and were inviting us back to an additional ultrasound free of charge!! Talk about customer service! We had been perfectly satisfied, but the integrity of this Spa, that they volunteered an additional US because they wanted to give us the best made us customers for life! Im currently expecting our 3rd, and will be scheduling another experience very soon!!

(Sara W., 1,202 days ago)

Outstanding! Highly recommended!

(Michael S., 1,239 days ago)

Rebecca did our 12 week Sneak Peek ultrasound and exceeded our expectations! She was so nice and welcoming, and really tried to help us have the best experience possible. Baby was sleeping most of the time but Rebecca suggested a few things and got baby to wake up so that we could see movement. I felt like she really tried to get the best pictures for us possible. It was such a special experience for us, we will definitely be back!

(Taylor B., 1,240 days ago)

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