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5 Reasons Why a Becoming Mom Spa Day is a Perfect Gift

December 13th, 2017 • Posted by Ally Osborne • Permalink

It’s that time of year that we’re all looking for the perfect gift. Whether you are pregnant or not, a spa retreat is a gift that offers more than just pampering.

1.  Self-Care! We all know Moms take care of a lot. A lot of people. A lot of work. A lot of cooking. A lot of everything! When do you think was the last time she took care of herself? Give Mom a little break from the hustle and bustle with a little spa retreat. Whether it’s a quick manicure or a whole spa day, the team at Becoming Mom will have her walking out with a little pep in her step!

2. Relaxation! Reducing stress strengthens your immune system, increases cardiovascular health, improves the quality of sleep, decreases depression and can lead to a longer life, just to name a few.  And, there are even more benefits of massage during pregnancy.  Mom may experience shorter and easier labor, reduced round ligament and sciatic nerve pain, and hormonal balance. Ahh…

3. Conversation! For some of us lucky enough to stay at home with our little ones, we crave a good old fashioned adult conversation.  The team at Becoming Mom loves chatting with you about anything you want to chat about! Whether it’s baby names, sleep schedules, or must-have baby products. And, if baby talk is exactly what you want to get a break from, they can do that, too!

4. Specialized Treatments! Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound has been the GO-TO for mom’s to be for the past 13 years. Their staff received additional training and certification to offer the most specialized and appropriate spa treatments for you during this special time. They even have a Preconception Massage that was designed to help moms trying to conceive. The pampering doesn’t have to stop when you deliver though! Their spa services are open to everyone, pregnant or not!

5. A sneak peek at baby? Yes, please! We can’t talk about Becoming Mom without mentioning their ultrasound offerings. They have gender determination starting at 16 weeks (usually a whole month before your scan at your doctor) and HD ultrasounds that give parents a glimpse of baby’s beauty before they are even born. The ultrasound room features a large TV and comfy couches so you can bring your whole family for the experience. It’s a great way for new siblings to bond with baby. All ultrasounds performed at Becoming Mom are done by medical sonographers and reports are sent to your OBGYN if they have requested it.


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