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My daughter had gender reveal sonogram at 20 weeks for her 2nd baby there two weeks ago. Her husband, her mother in law, and myself were there for it. After tech revealed baby was a girl, she asked my daughter if she ever had genetic counseling, which my daughter hadn't. She had sonogram earlier at Drs. and baby was doing very well, no worries. Then the tech asked when her anatomy sonogram was scheduled at Drs. My daughter then asked her "Is something wrong, did you see something?" The tech replied "Well, I'm not suppose to say". We all just stared at her! Talk about ruining the mood! Then she said " Well, I didn't see a nasal bone. Just make sure you contact your Dr soon". We didn't know what to think! We knew that wasn't good! My daughter cried on the way home. This was on a Saturday, so on Monday my daughter called her doctor, but the hadn't gotten report from the wkend. They'd call when they got it and have daughter come in for further testing. In the meantime, my daughter learned no nasal bone can mean downs syndrome. Finally, on Thursday she went to hospital and doctor performed sonogram, and they did blood test for downs, but Dr said he wasn't overly concerned. A week later, she found out the results and baby most likely doesn't have anything wrong with her. The doctor and genetic specialist said the tech should have NEVER said she saw something, and just send Dr. report to let him/her determine the situation. 😡 That was the longest 2 wks of our lives, and it was through Christmas too. We are so grateful baby girl is fine, but could have been spared much grief and worry if tech didn't say anything.

(Anonymous, 24 days ago)

30-90 Days ago

I got the 3D 4D ultrasound for 30 minutes I was pretty far along but it definitely looks like her they are worth doing !!

(Anonymous, 60 days ago)

I went there for my 16 week ultrasound and to do the gender the place was cozy and the reception was welcoming but when I had the ultrasound the baby wouldn't cooperate.. and I'm talking like the whole time baby had legs crossed and didn't wanna move. The tech just kept pushing harder and harder on my stomach and it got really uncomfortable, she then said at the end what she thought the sex was but it for her it seemed like just a way to get us out of there, I would have been a lot more appreciated if she was honest and said to come back to try again instead of pressing harder. I don't want to state her name on here but really don't wish her way with me on any other mom to be. Wish there was a direct way to contact the center.

(Charlene W., 58 days ago)

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I went for the Just can't wait ultrasound at 15 weeks 5 days I had a great experience. I went back for the simply sweet ultrasound and I wanted to see his whole body but she only worried about his face. I was pretty upset...

(Anonymous, 115 days ago)

I have been to Becoming Mom Spa for all 3 of my gender reveals! Wonderful place to go! Very peaceful! Every staff member is kind and considerate.

(Anonymous, 131 days ago)

I can in for the "just can't wait" package. Baby did not cooperate the first time and had legs crossed the whole time. They were very nice an got us in the very next day and got baby to uncross legs. We are now expecting a baby girl! Everyone was very nice & I would highly recommend Becoming Mom to everyone!!

(Anonymous, 259 days ago)

Thank you, Rebecca! My doctor/insuranice wouldn't do my first ultrasound until 20 weeks. Becoming Mom was the answer, and it was THE BEST experience. I'm so glad I decided not to wait, not only was Rebecca phenomenal, kind, and allowed us to take our time, the moment just felt special. I have had my doctor ultrasound since this time, and it was so sterile/cold. It made me appreciate my Becoming Mom experience 100% more!!

(Anonymous, 267 days ago)

This is my first pregnancy and I've gone to Becoming Mom for 2 ultrasounds and just went for a spa day. I LOVE this place. I recommend them to everyone and I will definitely be using them for future pregnancies.

(Anonymous, 301 days ago)

Rebecca is amazing! My twin baby girls at over 29weeks were a challenge but she worked magic and got great pics of their sweet beautiful faces! Thank you for your time, care and patience.

(Anonymous, 391 days ago)

My husband & I did the "Just Can't Wait" package yesterday. I was nervous all day that maybe they wouldn't be able to tell the gender & just anxious for the appointment.... It was AMAZING. Rebecca was seriously so awesome. She was warm & welcoming right from the start & made it really fun & memorable. The clarity of the ultrasound blew our minds that we ended up doing an "add-on" and got the USB with the pictures & video of the ultrasound on it! Rebecca took her time to make sure she got good pictures for us. We weren't finding out the gender because we are having a small reveal party, & she was great with filling our envelope we brought & put the gender ultrasound pictures in there for us as well so we couldn't peek! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is considering going. I am so happy we decided to go, worth every penny :). Thank you again Rebecca for an amazing experience!

(Anonymous, 465 days ago)

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