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I recently received an ultrasound with Rebecca and couldn't be happier. She is great and really times her time with you! Thank you Rebecca!

(Katie T.)

I had the most enjoyable experience at Becoming Mom. From the ultrasound to the massage and facial I felt very relaxed and pampered the best feeling EVER!!!

(Anonymous, 11 days ago)

30-90 Days ago

My husband and I were very satisfied with our visit at Becoming Mom's and plan on returning for another appointment. Rachel T

(Rachel T., 60 days ago)

I went for the gender reveal ultrasound. When we entered the room we were all excited to be there (grandma, grandpa, my husband and I) but the tech looked like this was the last place she wanted to be. She wasn't at all inviting. She was going through the motions of another ultrasound. Then, she's not able to see what gender the baby is, so she starts repeatedly slamming the probe on my uterus. Not all gentle or patient. She kept saying, "ok cough for me." Then continued to slam the probe. I was getting frustrated bc of the lack of patience. She said we could come back in half an hour so she could try again, so that's what we did, and finally she was able to spot the gender. But, it wasn't at all a good experience. They should have techs who enjoy their job and who are excited to be there, and willing to have patience and be gentle with the moms who are coming in.

(Anonymous, 51 days ago)

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I got the 3D 4D ultrasound for 30 minutes I was pretty far along but it definitely looks like her they are worth doing !!

(Anonymous, 148 days ago)

I went for the Just can't wait ultrasound at 15 weeks 5 days I had a great experience. I went back for the simply sweet ultrasound and I wanted to see his whole body but she only worried about his face. I was pretty upset...

(Anonymous, 203 days ago)

I have been to Becoming Mom Spa for all 3 of my gender reveals! Wonderful place to go! Very peaceful! Every staff member is kind and considerate.

(Anonymous, 219 days ago)

I can in for the "just can't wait" package. Baby did not cooperate the first time and had legs crossed the whole time. They were very nice an got us in the very next day and got baby to uncross legs. We are now expecting a baby girl! Everyone was very nice & I would highly recommend Becoming Mom to everyone!!

(Anonymous, 347 days ago)

Thank you, Rebecca! My doctor/insuranice wouldn't do my first ultrasound until 20 weeks. Becoming Mom was the answer, and it was THE BEST experience. I'm so glad I decided not to wait, not only was Rebecca phenomenal, kind, and allowed us to take our time, the moment just felt special. I have had my doctor ultrasound since this time, and it was so sterile/cold. It made me appreciate my Becoming Mom experience 100% more!!

(Anonymous, 355 days ago)

This is my first pregnancy and I've gone to Becoming Mom for 2 ultrasounds and just went for a spa day. I LOVE this place. I recommend them to everyone and I will definitely be using them for future pregnancies.

(Anonymous, 389 days ago)

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